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A joyful exploration of being a woman. Learn about hormones, your energy, your thoughts, and using food as fuel. We challenge the conventional wisdom of what it means to be wise and work to empower you to be vibrant, energetic and connected to your own wisdom.

Health Tips for a New Start

It’s officially December, which means that we’re getting closer to the end of 2014. We’ve been reflecting on what an incredible year we have had here at Toronto Thermography Centre, and we feel so...

Pink Schmink: Let’s Talk Breast Health Awareness

October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month and it had all of us seeing pink. From drill bits to football players, there is nothing left untouched by the well-meaning—if woefully off-the-mark— pink...

About the Lymphatic System and Your Breast Health

Your body is a power-washer when it comes to keeping your interior house clean. Systems are in place within your immune system to filter out foreign particles, including cancer cells. You want this...

New Study: Breast Cancer Linked to Menopause Drug

What we don’t know, can hurt us. We want to believe that the medical profession has the knowledge necessary to make truly important decisions when it comes to our health, like whether or not...

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Your 6-Step Guide to Loving Your Breasts, Eliminating Breast Cancer Fear, and Embracing a Preventative Breast Health Plan

Boobs, boobies, tits, tatas... However you refer to them, our breasts are wonderful areas of our body that provide pleasure and nourishment to ourselves and others. We know too that many women only talk about their breast health when things go wrong; society too often focuses on “breast cancer treatment” and not “breast cancer prevention.”

My goal with this book is to shift your thinking away from “disease watch” and more toward “proactive health care” that has the added benefit of just plain feeling good.

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