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Maureen Borghoff


I love being a catalyst for people; to help them feel fantastic, do good in this world, and love more openly. I want my peeps to dance more, laugh more, and live lives filled with energy, clarity, and joy.

I began my pre-chiropractic education at the University of Ottawa where I studied the basic sciences such as inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, biology, along with basic physiology and anatomy courses.

After completing my study there, I was accepted at New York Chiropractic College in Seneca Falls, New York. During my four years at NYCC, courses included biochemistry, a major emphasis on anatomy and human physiology, x-ray, diagnosis, chiropractic adjusting techniques and patient care in the Cheektowaga Chiropractic Health Clinic. After graduating in 1998, I returned to the Toronto area to establish my practice.

Over the last fifteen years I’ve completed many post graduate work including receiving her designation as a Level 3 Network Spinal Analysis practitioner, as well as CCWP (Certified Chiropractic Lifestyle and Wellness Practitioner) in 2011. My most recent education includes Childhood Disorders Certification (2014) from the renowned Carrick Institute. I’ve also done extensive education in nutrition, supplementation, Koren Specific Technique, Network Spinal Analysis and bioenergetic medicine.

I hope I can be a source of inspiration for you to live your best life! If not now… when?

My Certifications:

  • Bachelor of Science
  • Doctor of Chiropractic
  • Level 3 Network Spinal Analysis
  • Certified Chiropractic Lifestyle and Wellness Practitioner
  • Koren Specific Technique
  • Bioenergetic Assessment Certification
  • Childhood Developmental Delays- Functional Neurology Certification
  • Many Different Nutritional Courses
  • Neurological Based Chiropractic Certification
  • Thermography Training

I believe everyone has the right to feel amazing, happy and full of energy.

Hear what our clients have to say:

Such a pleasure

Dr. Maureen, Your positive, supportive energy & attitude, plus your intuitive work on my body, makes it a pleasure for me to come get ‘the lights turned on’ for my subluxation. Thanks for always smiling.

– CM

My chronic conditions have disappeared

My chronic conditions have disappeared. Weekly sessions with Dr. Maureen are like an elixir, and I can really feel the difference when I miss a week. At this point, my treatments are a tune-up and preventative maintenance. Stress in life is now manageable. Thank you for caring and doing what you do!

– KS

I love it here!

I have been seeing Dr. Maureen for 6 years. I have always loved the calm, loving environment that she has given The few minutes every appointment truly makes a difference in my health and lifestyle. Since beginning care, my functioning is better, I have no more headaches, I don’t feel tension in my neck anymore, and I can manage stress better. These changes have made me feel healthier and happier. I strive for a better lifestyle. Anyone I recommend coming to see Dr. Maureen, I tell them that it is the best decision they will ever make for their health and wellness.

– CM


Dr. Moe, Thanks for nurturing us and treating us like family!

– K & J

chronic migraines stopped

I’ve been coming to Dr. Maureen for over a year. It only took a couple of months before my chronic migraines stopped and my ability to handle stress increased manifold. Also, Dr. Maureen has helped me solve a digestive issue; And treats my child too. Thank you Dr. Maureen!

– K

grateful that I have found her

After years of doctors and treatment that I found no relief from, Dr. Maureen has helped me. She’s the only professional who has been able to figure out what’s going on, health-wise with me. Her compassion and genuine care has been refreshing, after years of being brushed aside. I am grateful that I have found her.

– BO

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