4 Reasons Why Sweating is Good for You

We may dread the feeling of wetness under our arms, when attending an important event or meeting someone for the first time, but sweating is a natural process that confers a lot of benefit. Because sweat cools the body, we often think this is the only reason why...

Start a Breast Health Challenge with Your Breast Friend

I don’t know about scientific evidence, but I think women naturally gravitate towards other women and rely on female friendships as an outlet in everyday life more than men do. Do you agree? We have shared helpful tips on this blog about how to take better care of...

Healthy Holiday Entertaining

At this time of year, I like to remind myself of a few things; things that I find most grounding. I would like to share this perspective with you, as I think it helps us all to keep what can feel like a crazy few months in perspective. No matter what your religious...

Men’s Health and Cancer Prevention

As I write this, many of you men are feeling a bit bare, while your wives perhaps rejoice that the razor has finally come out! It was Movember, as you have probably heard, and we were once again in the midst of cancer awareness campaigns. I love men and I certainly...

Pink Schmink: Let’s Talk Breast Health Awareness

October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month and it had all of us seeing pink. From drill bits to football players, there is nothing left untouched by the well-meaning—if woefully off-the-mark— pink ribbon awareness campaigns that touch North Americans every year at this...

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