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New Study: Breast Cancer Linked to Menopause Drug

What we don’t know, can hurt us. We want to believe that the medical profession has the knowledge necessary to make truly important decisions when it comes to our health, like whether or not...

Women and Hormones: What You Need to Know

A woman experiences a complexity of shifts in her body due to the continuation, or end, of menstruation. Many women can recognize when their period is about to start, or know they approaching...

Exercise for Breast Health

You have heard it before, and you know: exercise is good for you. It tones your body, fights deadly fat, and strengthens the muscles of your body – including that big important muscle, your...

Breast Cancer Screening

A Canadian study recently blew open the idea that mammography, as a tool screening tool for breast cancer, may not in fact be as effective as previously thought. Other public debates have shown the...

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